Things I Love 

 Ever since getting “fake famous” on reality tv I’ve been approached by multiple people to do direct sales of products. While I’ve met AMAZING people doing incredible things with sales, for example Elizabeth at Jamberry and Haley at Younique, I didn’t feel comfortable lending my name and support to something I didn’t use or wear everyday, no matter how much I loved it.

Then, LuLaRoe happened. That’s how all great things go right? All at once they happen. I attended an online party for a girlfriend and I decided to purchase a pair of leggings for yoga. Let me tell you, when I received them in the mail and put them on? I never wanted to wear any other clothing again. 😍

I’m no bull in everything I do, so if I’m telling you I like something it’s not because of a money incentive (my integrity is worth more than any money) but because I genuinely LOVE it. So, not only does LuLaRoe go on my list of things I love, you can get it from me, here:

❤️ Me