Non-Profits We ❤️

1. An article I wrote for inspired a writer and that inspiration became “Taught” a play in four weigh ins. “Taught” is a dark comedy that explores body image by satirizing competitive weight loss shows. I helped executive produce this play and it premiered off Broadway in NYC in fall 2016. You can find the campaign here: Taught

2. In 2014 I shaved my head to help raise money to fight Childrens Cancers with St. Baldricks. I’m doing it again this year 2016, and you can help fight cancer too by donating here: Fight Kids Cancers with Kai

3.  I made the mistake of appearing on TBL 9 years ago. After it ended and I was around people that genuinely cared about me, I realized my mistake. I spoke out against this unhealthy, fat-shaming show.
I get accused of a myriad of things, including making money off my truth. But I thought someone should benefit, and so I’m promoting an anti-Biggest Loser, anti-“reality” TV T-shirt as a reaction to the false reality portrayed by The Biggest Loser, and the way they propagate body-shaming and self-harming weight loss methods as legitimate paths to health.

100% of the proceeds will go to About-Face (, a nonprofit organization that equips women and girls with tools to understand and resist harmful media messages that affect their self-esteem and body image.

Embrace who you are right now. Believe in yourself. Reality is not on TV. #FUBL – buy a shirt here, and support the cause.