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I am now accepting a limited amount of online Wellness Coaching Services clients.

Coaching is working together to achieve your goals knowing YOU have the answers to within you. My role as your coach is to draw on my past experiences as a personal trainer, skills learned as social worker, author and weight loss reality TV survivor, and Body Size Diversity Advocate to help you focus on unlocking your own potential.

My coaching philosophy comes from a culturally informed, feminist, intersectional, strengths based solution focus within a narrative framework. My philosophy of coaching is an approach informed by research, theory, and evidence based practices. I believe a coach’s ethical and moral responsibility to advocate for change ends at a clients right to self-determination. Because humans grow and develop through interactions with their biological, psychological and educational experiences along with the relationships they cultivate, understanding differences and similarities in culture and race is important to a competent coaching relationship. My feminist approach means that mutuality; empathy and relationships take a central role in addressing my clients, just as I believe in taking into account the experiences or development of marginalized communities clients are members of informs a healthy coaching relationship.

My cultural background as a white passing bisexual Chamorro woman influences and informs our client/coach relationship and I strive to be cognizant of my biases in order to provide the client with the best services possible. The clients’ cultural contexts have a significant importance in the quality of services rendered, but in order to achieve coherent cross-cultural communication with beneficial outcomes, it is of vital importance, that a coach works at maintaining insights into his/her own cultural background and influences.  While my coaching practice is secular in nature, I do believe that assigning a purpose to why we are all here, whatever each individual decides that purpose is, can make life richer and feel more worth living.

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