Birthday Benediction

Yesterday was my birthday 🎂 I spent the entire day being the extra as eff pink glitter unicorn pig, level 💯 basic mom life cliche, tattooed, pink haired, manic pixie nightmare, playing Lizzo, Miley and Taylor at top volume, lover of life that I am.

Look, my last year, much like a LOT of other peoples year was a dumpster 🔥 there were multiple surgeries, hospitalizations, stresses, four moves, (including a cross country move)- and too much more to bore you with here…but I AM still here. I’m still loving loudly, I’m laughing, I’m still swearing (sorry, mama), I’m still marching for what I believe in, I’m still using the privilege I’ve been given to signal boost, I’m still learning, I’m still coming out swinging and I STILL believe in magic. 🌈 I still believe in the GOOD in people. I trust, but verify. I love hard AND I fight hard.

I use my birthday the way some people use the New Year- to look at my last year, see what served me, and what choices I made to help make the world a better place and deciding how to discard what did not serve me or the world. I’m not a religious person, I am a person who believes in speaking truth or blessings to power (hence the title of this post 😏). This coming year? I’ll be saying NO more, using my voice just as much, giving myself permission to feel joy again in moments even with the world on 🔥 (because those moments may become more rare), and embracing my queer polyamorous drama queen messiness with gratitude and compassion for myself and my flaws.

Life is both too short and too long to spend time doing things that don’t teach you, reach you, make you grow and set you on fire with passion. I will leave the world better than I found it.

Last year I shaved my head on the Cape of Good Hope to raise money to fight Children’s Cancers, this year? I’m taking what I’ve learned and I’m leaping. I’m launching my wholeself coaching business, Chiron Coaching. I’m choosing again to share what I have with the world to make it a better place. To grab a slot or for more information on what’s up head on over to the Coaching Services Page

I love you all, and hope you will join me on the journey. Here is to a better year than the last, every year, for every last one of us because until all of us are free none of us are free. 🌈 🦄💫

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