Losing It

Good morning! Life has been, well, life since I last posted. Thank you to everyone who donated to help fight children’s cancers and gave me the gift of giving back by shaving my head on my 40th Birthday on the side of a small hill at The Cape of Good Hope in South Africa (pretty apropos name for fight cancer no?) Since then my family has been through 3 hospitalizations, three moves and a surgery. Like I said, life. Another thing of great note for me is I ended 2018 by releasing my book “Losing It, A Fictional Reimagining of my Time on Weight Loss Reality TV.” Grab a copy Here 💜 If you do? Please leave a review- good OR bad, I mean that! I can’t grown if I don’t know.

One comment

  1. I read your book as soon as I got it and I loved it. As I might’ve told you before, I admire your bravery for telling us what really happened on that horrible show and you’ve encouraged me to look into intuitive eating.

    I’ve always hated The Biggest Loser, because I saw it as a show that’s just, people getting tortured by a roid raging drill sergeant and a roid raging amazon warrior.


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