Fight Childhood Cancer

Good Morning! This is me this morning and me when I first shaved my head to raise money!! It’s my birthday month, and this year is the big 40. I’m celebrating my way- by flying across the world with people I love and while I’m there seeing places I’ve never seen before, I’ll be shaving my head for St. Baldrick’s again this year. They raise money for research to fight children’s cancers. Our family chooses to give time and money to at least one cause that directly affects our lives every year, and one that doesn’t. This year my birthday is dedicated to St. Baldrick’s for all those families that have faced things I cannot imagine. I know resources are spread more thin than in past years where I’ve fundraised, you all have helped me raise 2K and 3K in past years- this year my goal is 1K. Please give if you can, and share if you can’t. I’ll be live streaming the shave on my Facebook page in September from Cape Town. Happy August! 💚💚💚💚#stbaldricks #shaving #donate #grateful

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