Chat With Me and Help a Family!

August 2019 UPDATE! This fundraiser was incredibly successful! I cannot thank you all enough for the help, time and money you all contributed to this family in a time of need. Thank you for the boost in my faith in humanity.

UPDATE! We are now at 75% of goal, only $200 left to hit goal. SO, I’m going to change what I’m offering in my video ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 I’m going to run the fundraiser until the 17th and even if we don’t hit goal the very last person to donate ANY amount can have the chat session I’m offering 😀

Hi guys! I am making an odd offer to help get us to goal for the fundraiser I am doing for my neighbor!

I am raising funds for the fire deductible for my friend and neighbor, Andrea. Last week her family had a chimney fire here in Lusby, MD blocks from my home and it caused extensive damage. She never asks for help and is the first person to help others. I met her through my rhuematoid arthritis support group and she is one of the strongest, bravest women I know. Through her fight with her chronic illness and flare ups she still never fails to show up to support others. On the day of the fire another tragedy struck our neighborhood and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that her family‘s actions saved a mans life that day. They gave life saving medical care to a severely injured man after a horrible attack all after just having lived through the trauma of a fire in their own home. This is a family that helps their neighbors and I would like to help them back. I’m asking for friends and family, here and far away to please help them raise their insurance deductible so they have one less worry. This is a woman who literally held my hand and kept me upright when doctors told me that my RA may be taking my eyesight, a woman who answers texts at any hour to help others and would give you the last scrap of food she had to make sure others are alright. Please consider donating.

Donate here: Kindness Matters

For more information on the situation here: News Details

All my ❤


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