Holiday Body Boundaries

Happy All the Holidays Everyone! Humor me and take a listen to this long video before the holidays about setting boundaries for your self care, you can lend an ear while you wrap gifts or light candles to decorate and make the house cozy or if you have a bit of downtime during the festivities! You might even listen when someone makes an unsolicited comment about your body or what you’re eat, insert those earbuds, tune them out and take a listen. I shared these last New Year and will again this coming year but because of feedback from people I respect and from holiday posts I have already witnessed I wanted to get a jump on this and send you all my support and love! As always, sources below.

All my ❤ Me

Click to access Daye.pdf

Click to access Experiences-of-weight-teasing-in-adolescence-and-weight-related-outcomes-in-adulthood-A-15-year-longitudinal-study_2017_Preventive-Medicine.pdf




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