Food is not clean/dirty or good/bad, it’s just food. 

“Clean” eating is a made up subjective concept that assigns morality to food that doesn’t really exist. There is no one definition of clean. Is it paleo? Is it vegan? Is it low carb? Is it no red meat? Is it gluten free? 
If it’s vegan and I eat grass fed beef am I suddenly dirty? Wait, what if it’s paleo and I eat quinoa am I then bad? 
With no clear definition labeling foods in such a manner (clean/dirty, good/bad) gives people a psychological reason to assign some superiority (that doesn’t really exist) to their food choices or brings on feelings of guilt when they eat something that does not have the arbitrarily assigned definition of “clean/good.” 

Do you now see the problem when you refer to food as clean/good? 

There are medically necessary reasons that some people refrain from eating certain foods, that doesn’t make that particular food bad/dirty, it means that individual cannot eat that food. 
Some people can eat tomatoes with no issues, other people get blood sugar spikes from them. This fact doesn’t mean tomatoes are bad/dirty.
Some people can eat high fiber breads and they feel great, others have ulcerative colitis and can only eat highly processed white bread. 


We are all different, we all react differently to different foods. Shocking, I know. 
Grouping foods together with broad assigned titles that have moral connotations does nothing except encourage disordered eating habits. 
Food is NOT a moral issue. Food is food. You need it to live. Every BODY deserves to eat without arbitrary labels assigned to their food choices. 

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