Fitspo is Bull. 

I’m tired of being inundated with “Fitspo” bull. It pretends it’s supposed to “motivate” or “inspire you” when really it’s designed to make you buy into an unattainable ideal so you’ll buy into the diet and weight loss industry, so I made a little something ❤️ 

“Here’s to us. 

Here’s to ordering a burger because I want a burger.

To not giving a damn about what I look like when I choose to move my body for fun and care.

To drinking water to nourish and care for myself.

To going as long as feels good and challenges me on the elliptical.

To not comparing my body or my workout to anyone else.

To saying “screw you” to anything that doesn’t honor me, and knowing self loathing isn’t a step toward improving my life.

To falling in love with who I am, in this moment not the me in some nebulous future. 

To looking in the mirror and know that the choices I’m making are about nurturing what is inside, that going for a run is about how it makes me feel not how it makes me look. 

Here’s to carrots and cake, and rest when you’re injured, and whatever clothes you’re comfy in, and perseverance, and sore muscles and long naps, and 7am gym classes or 8pm dinners that last until 11 and end with drinks with good friends, and falling down and getting up tomorrow and doing it differently so falling down hurts less.” ~Kai Hibbard 

*And before you come at me to argue here is just one of many academic journal articles that support my stance:

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