Stigmatizing My Body Doesn’t Help Me Be Healthier, So Stop.

It sometimes blows my mind that what feels like common sense to me is the exact opposite of how some doctors or “fitness professionals” approach their clients. There is this pervasive idea in society that the way to “help” someone change is to make them feel bad about how they are now. I’ve said for years that hating yourself as you are is NOT a necessary step toward becoming who you want to be, anyone who uses shame as a “motivator” is letting their self loathing and fat-phobia spill out on to you. Brush that crud off you as quickly as possible, self hatred, like misery can be contagious.

This most recent study goes on step further, it illustrates that having a body type that doesn’t adhere to the “thin norms” of society is stigmatizing and thus when you- as a “concerned friend,” doctor or “fitness professional”- draw attention to the fact that a persons body is larger than this ideal it does the OPPOSITE of making them want to engage in healthy behaviors.

Connecting APPEARANCE to HEALTH is DETRIMENTAL to HEALTH! What does that mean? That means shut the fuck up about how other people’s bodies look and that bullies masquerading as “fitness professionals” who base their “programs” on making people feel bad about their bodies as they are in the present moment under some misguided idea of “motivation” need to take several seats.

On that note, I’m going to finish my coffee and take my subversively large beautiful body outside to play, because moving my body for fun is good for my health ❤️

Check out the article on the study here: Article


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