People Who Tell You That You Aren’t Enough Are Trying To Sell You Something

I have read statements from people who make their living based on their association with The Biggest Loser that claim news outlets don’t reach out to get the “other side of the story” regarding the shows practices. This is one of the most ridiculously warped statements I’ve seen so far this morning. (I know, it’s still early, I’m sure crazier shit will be said.) Listen up person profiting from TBL, repeatedly making that statement and even believing it, doesn’t make it fact. The fact is TBL is a multimillion dollar business with propaganda everywhere. When’s the last time you saw a commercial featuring my experience on major network TV? Oh that’s right, you haven’t, because I don’t spend millions of dollars selling a product to the world. My goal is not and has never been to make anyone feel like they aren’t good enough and thus should give me their time and money so that they can be good enough. TBL and its diet club, tv show, product placements, protein powders etc. cannot say the same.

In addition, when this supposedly “biased” media tried to put an interview out on national tv with me regarding my own experiences, it was shut down over legal concerns. I’m literally just once voice telling HER story. I have my phone, an internet connection and social media. TBL has hundreds of people working for them in marketing and public relations.

To pretend that TBL is a victim in some David and Goliath story of where an evil media and I somehow bully them is almost delusional.

Here are some additional facts for you addressing points people bring up frequently that also have no real basis in the truth of the situation:

1. “Why is she the only contestant saying these things? See it can’t be true.”

Fact: Good Morning America asked to interview me on Tuesday this week, 20 minutes before the interview their legal department shut the interview down over fears of being sued in spite of giving an interview saying the same things I’ve said since 2007 including in an interview in 2010 WITH GMA. They have threatened to sue me repeatedly. I am NOT the only contestant that feels this way. I am just the only one willing to risk being sued. (This all changed this year, former contestants Suzanne Mendonca and Rulon Gardner have also step forward in the media. It’s nice to not stand alone after 9 years.)

2. “She has an agenda”

Fact: I do. To right a wrong I committed by participating in this dangerous farce. The people claiming I have another motive ARE selling you something.

3. “She wants attention.”

Fact: I have no clue why my story continues to cycle in and out of being news. I’ve been saying the same thing for years. I’m not sure what motive I could possibly have for wanting attention now if I’m not selling anything (spoiler alert: I’m not.) I am grateful though that this time it seems to have taken more momentum and that people are actually recognizing the body shaming and harmful attributes of weight loss reality TV.

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